About Revive Leatherworks

Revive’s bags are made from repurposed leather, vintage fabrics, and ethically sourced new materials (when necessary). My work reflects a desire the limit the amount of waste going into our landfills, and a love of design and creation.

Upcycling is recycling at it’s best. Taking an item that has effictively lost it’s appeal, but is still practically useful, and transforming it into something useful again, is an act of environmentalism. Some will say that using hides of any form in fashion is not environmentally friendly. However, the out-of-date leather coat that has been made in an unethical way will only find it’s way into a landfill, adding to harmful emissions. My bags may keep one from buying new leather, which is a ‘win’ for our Earth.

Revive Leatherworks has only been operating for a few years, but Jacqui, it’s creator has been working with design and creation for more than 25 years.

About Me: I have always had a concern – bordering on obsession – about how much garbage humans throw out. Combining my many years of creative sewing, and a deep concern for how damaging fashion can be to the environment, I began repurposing leather coats and upholstery to keep them from the landfills. Today, my bags are made carefully, by hand, with a focus on lasting quality.

Each bag has it’s own character, that is taken from the coat or upholstery that gave it life. I let the original leather help me decide how the bag will take shape.

Reward yourself with exclusive fashion without the ethical price tag.







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