Love love love my new bag from Jacqui! Well made and gorgeous!

Tamrin Kotze

I love the idea of up-cycling old leather coats and boots. Get and beautiful hand made bags.

Dianne Frankford

I love my new bag! So well made, and unique! It is easy to see all the care and attention to detail are at work here! I like that it is recycled as well. Really great customer service! Wonderful shop!


I bought this bag as a gift for my partner for Christmas, to replace a pleather bag I had gotten for him 5 years ago.

Shipping took less than a week (at Christmas, no less), the bag is frigging GORGEOUS with an amazing suede patina, and it was exactly the size and style I had been looking for. After weeks of searching online and looking at handmade shows, I found this bag and I am so thankful. The price was really reasonable and I supported a Canadian entrepreneur.

My experience was wonderful, and I check back to look for something else that catches my eye. Thank you so much!

Kristy McDonald

This handbag is lovely and I’ve received many inquiries and compliments about the bag. It is has a distinctive and creative look/design – one of a kind! I quite enjoy telling people the bag is crafted from an out-of-date jacket. The craftsmanship is top-notch as are the materials used. Delivery was swift! I would not hesitate buying from Revive Leatherworks again.

Karen Buchholtz