Revive Leatherworks Upcycled Process

The Process: Style, function, and sustainability are married at Revive Leatherworks. We take out of style or dated leather and turn it into functional wearable art, that is kind to the environment.

Revive’s recreations start with a used leather coat or piece of upholstery. Once the design of a new bag find it’s way into my mind, which sometimes takes weeks of staring at it, the coat is carefully taken apart. All the parts are kept because I try to adhere to zero waste.

The deconstructed leather parts are then cut and stitched to form larger pieces that make the bag parts. Very often the lining of the coat is used in pockets. Original elements of the coat, such as exterior pockets, stitching details, or the zipper, are used to add character to the ‘new’ bag.

Then the sewing begins, and a beautiful ‘new’ bag takes form.

The lining of the bag is also carefully selected from vintage, and second-hand fabrics, to add even more character.

This process truly creates a one-of-a-kind bag that can be thought of as wearable art.

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