Upcycling and repurposing are one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry - it’s a way to creatively recycle and reuse waste or by-products into new items that are of higher quality. If you are not quite sure if you have more old leather handbags in your closet, it might be time to sort through and upcycle/repurpose some of them.

The impact of the fashion industry is causing significant destruction to the environment. And as a result, several fashion companies are becoming more sustainable. That means they now favor using more recycled and repurposed materials in producing their products. 

The environmental impact of upcycling leather materials

Upcycling has a significantly positive effect on the environment. Today, the atmosphere has the highest level of CO2 in history, and upcycling can help reduce these numbers by preventing the amount of waste been discarded. When you upcycle or buy upcycled items, you remove the need to create new materials. By doing this, we can cut down landfill use, and you are actually taking positive steps to impact the environment for the better by getting upcycled items. 

Difference between repurposed leather and recycled leather

There is a substantial difference between repurposed leather and recycled leather. Typically, recycled leather is broken down and recreated with the use of a bonding agent to produce a leather-like material. On the other hand, repurposed leather involves creating a new useful item taking from existing leather items. 

Recycled leather is known as composition leather. The leftover pieces of leather that are off-cuts, scrapped, trimmed, and shaved are discarded but can be recycled into composition materials. The final product made from this discarded material is usually less than 50%. Though repurposed leather can technically be branded as recycled materials, most times, the final products will still be created with the complete leather material. And this makes repurposing the greatest way to make an environmental impact. 

Buy leather bags made from upcycled materials 

There are a lot of options for upcycled bags. Some bags you can make yourself from your old leather materials while you can purchase others straight off the shelf if upcycling or recycling is not your thing. For instance, if you want to get repurposed leather handbags Canada, but do not have the time or know-how to create it yourself, there are a couple of places you can get upcycled products.

Revive Leatherworks uses jackets, airlines, and various other items that has lost its appeal to design stylish bags. Sometimes some materials are simply made in surplus; they don’t get old. Revive Leatherworks then transforms these supplies into something useful again while protecting the environment.

Shopping for the latest and stylish bags from Revive Leatherworks

At Revive Leatherworks, we offer awesome craftsmanship for all types of bags, such as all leather bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, and more. We designed these cute bags using repurposed materials, and each item has its own special character. If you are looking for repurposed leather handbags Canada or any other type of repurposed bags, check our collection, we have something for everyone.


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