Upcycled apparel is a continuously growing trend and is one of the most sustainable trends in the fashion industry. As upcycling makes use of already existing materials, it sometimes uses a few materials in its design and certainly keeps unwanted materials out of the waste stream. 

At Revive Leatherworks, sustainability has always been at the foundation of what we do, whether we are upcycling old materials or using lean production techniques. From our stylish all leather bags to our cross-body bag, most of our products breathe new life into old materials.

Do apparels have an afterlife?

Yes, they do. There are more clothing materials produced in the world today than can be utilized – several large clothing companies produce as much as a billion fabrics a year. After having fulfilled their useful lives, tons of millions of garments were sent to the landfill every year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 5.7% of the total municipal solid waste comes from textiles.

Also, if not discarded as trash, unwanted clothes are usually given to thrift stores. Though this is a better option, it is still not as sustainable as upcycling these materials.

What is upcycling?

This is a way of reusing discarded materials to create a new item. In the example of clothing, this is usually taking something that doesn’t fit or is torn/stained and refashioning a wearable item from it. Upcycling can be done using post-consumer or pre-consumer waste or the combination of both.

Post-consumer waste is produced from the finished product that has reached the end of its useful life for the user. Pre-consumer waste, on the other hand, is created while products are being manufactured. In the vein of moral fashion and reducing the significant adverse effect of the textile industry on the environment, upcycling is increasingly becoming the best solution we have right now.

Benefits of upcycling

Upcycling stops adding items to a world that is already gam-pack with material things. It makes use of materials that may else end up in the landfill in innovative and creative ways – creating original, often one-of-a-kind products from what several people consider to be useless.

It is a way for designers and companies to be more efficient with waste materials such as vintage textiles or dated. Whether as runway exhibition pieces or everyday apparel such as cross-body bag, upcycling can truly challenge cultural codes. 

How sustainable are upcycled bags?

When it comes to sustainability, bags can be tricky – there are a couple of different materials that come into play. That said, there is a good variety of bags that meets different styles, needs, and sustainable values. Using almost entirely repurposed materials, Revive Leatherworks makes a collection of functional and lost-lasting bags.

Are you interested in upcycled bags?

At Revive Leatherworks, we offer a unique collection of repurposed bags, including leather totes, tote bags, and an upcycled cross-body bag Canada. Whether you are looking for a stylish upcycled cross-body bag Canada or a durable tote bag for your everyday use, our collection line offers a unique range of rugged urban appeal and refined style to meet your needs.

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