Have you ever considered where the materials of your favourite handbags, clothes or accessories come from?  Generally, when you buy a new piece from a store the item was manufactured from new materials.  Manufacturing materials to be used in garments and fashion accessories is a big business. There is high demand for new clothing items based on fashion trends, want and need.

What happens to your clothes and accessories when they become old or no longer in fashion?

Perhaps you donate them to a second-hand clothing store or through a clothing donation drive. Maybe they keep piling up in your home? Or, maybe items that are broken end up in the garbage, bound for the landfill.

There is another way to source material for fashion items, including handbags. This is called upcycling. Designers will repurpose quality fabrics and materials from old and abandoned items to create a new piece that does not look or feel used.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is a creative way to reuse a product, while adding additional value to the new product. Generally speaking, upcycling involves taking a product and turning it into something new and/or unique.

By taking something old or no longer in use and creating something new with it, you are essentially giving the product a new life and purpose.

Upcycling offers a way to get creative and imaginative by creating new products from something old.

Upcycling is popular with furniture pieces. People take old pieces of furniture and create new pieces, whether by refinishing or even piecemealing from various items to create something unique.

Upcycling is also growing in popularity in the fashion industry. By repurposing fabrics and materials from old items, new pieces are created without the need to purchase or manufacture brand new products.

Upcycling is more than simply refinishing or recycling. It’s using the materials from one product to create something entirely new and unique. For instance, one might create a coffee table out of an old door, or a completely new kitchen table from pieces of old tables. Or, in the case of handbags, a new purse or tote from the materials from an old leather couch or jacket.

Consider the mantra reduce, reuse, recycle. Upcycling is a combination of these 3 r’s, or in other words, turning the products you reduce, reuse or recycle into something entirely new.

Benefits of Upcycling

Environmentally Friendly - Upcycling is a great way to be environmentally friendly. By repurposing goods that are already made, that means less items in the landfill. Solid waste can cause land, air and water pollution. Upcycling provides a solution to dealing with some of this waste.

Rather than continuously manufacturing new products (from both natural and manufactured/synthetic materials), upcycling aims to re-use materials that are no longer being used.

Conservation of Limited Resources - Many quality products are made from resources that are limited, including wood and leather. By repurposing products, you’re eliminating the need to utilize new products from resources.

Take leather as an example. Real leather is made from animal skin, such as cow hide. While most leather is created from hides of animals that were already slaughtered for the meat industry, repurposing leather already in the marketplace offers a way to conserve the limited resources without the need to purposely slaughter cows just for their hide.

Supports Local Businesses- Generally, upcycled products are created by local people and businesses. By supporting those who sell upcycled goods you are supporting the people in local communities.

Local businesses and artisans are invested in the well-being of the community. In many cases, local businesses provide meaningful employment opportunities, give back locally, and help strengthen the local economy.

These local businesses and artisans are real individuals who are passionate about their business and creations.


About Upcycled Handbags

People, especially women, love handbags. Let’s face it. They’re a great accessory for housing all the items one might need throughout the day. In addition, they can complete an outfit and they make a great fashion statement.

How many handbags do you own? The average woman owns multiple handbags and regularly buys new ones. Depending on what statistics you find out there, this could be upward of multiple handbags per year. That being said, the trend in purchasing multiple handbags is declining. This is due in part to the cost of handbags but also people being more eco-conscious.

Regardless of the number of handbags owned, handbag lovers look for quality, durability and style.

That’s why upcycled handbags are on the rise, particularly repurposed leather handbags.

Leather has always been a popular choice for handbags. It is durable and long lasting. It also offers a classic and timeless style. Leather is a natural product which means it is eco-friendly as chemicals are not used to create it and it is biodegradable.

There are people who are against leather products, including clothing and fashion accessories. Others consider leather a by-product of the food industry and do not have a problem with it.

Whatever your stance on leather products is, there are a lot of leather products in our homes and closets. One way to be considerate of the controversy around leather while reaping the benefits of this material is to consider reusing, repurposed and upcycled leather products.

The major benefits of upcycled leather handbags are the quality and durability along with knowing that no new materials were needed to be sourced in order to create the piece. The added bonus is that handmade upcycled leather bags also are fashionable, beautiful, unique and have that wow-factor.

Our handmade leather bags are stylish and functional. By supporting the upcycling of leather products, such as these gorgeous handbags, it becomes a win for the earth.

Our upcycled handbags are created from a variety of leather products including jackets, purses, and even upholstery.

These leather products are deconstructed and then used as pieces for what will become a new upcycled leather bag, handbag or tote.

The lining of the bag is sourced from vintage and second-hand items to add even more style.

The end result is an eco-friendly piece of wearable art that has been custom-designed and hand sewn.

Your new bag is a one-of-a-kind upcycled treasure that is high quality, durable and stylish. And, there’s the added benefit that it is made from upcycled materials which are environmentally friendly. Now that’s a win-win.

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